Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Because Potty Songs and Potty Videos are Fun for Me

Two weekends ago we started potty training K (detailed post coming soon). We talk about the potty all the time so why not sing about it? And while we're at it, why not watch some potty tv?

We subscribe to Google Play music so I quickly put together a Potty Playlist by doing a quick "potty training" search. Here are some not-so-super annoying potty songs:

  • When You Have to Go Potty Stop and Go Right Away - Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood
  • Potty Party - Splash 'N Boots
  • Potty Time - Patty Shukla
  • Potty - DeeDee
  • Wee Go Potty - Rocknoceros
  • Potty Train - Curtis Maloney
  • Potty Time - Toozigoots
  • Potty Time - JBunny & Grizzly Gold
  • Potty Song - Lil Genies
If you are thinking about potty training your toddler I recommend subliminal (or overtly blatant) messaging/brainwashing ahead of time. 

We love Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and I mean love. I probably like it more than K, to be perfectly honest. I just like how nice all the characters are, the catchy music and important life lessons. CBC Kids has full-length episodes posted on YouTube. Here is the potty episode.

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