Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Because We Need to Eat - Feb. 29 - Mar. 04

Let's potty train the toddler and sleep train the baby. Sure! Great idea. It hasn't been terrible and I will write about both of those things in the near future but sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself and still have expectations of feeding all these people. But here is the meal plan for this week:

Ravioli Bake - Have you seen those Tasty or Tip Hero videos on Facebook? I decided to try one of them this week. Mark couldn't find the large frozen ravioli so we had cute mini ones and I didn't add enough pasta sauce or fresh basil. But there was lots of cheese and K had thirds. That girl loves her pasta!


My Finished Ravioli Bake - Cheesy!
K's Dinner with the Mini Ravioli
Honey Lemon Ginger Chicken with Green Beans & Rice - If you can ever find the Suppertime Survival Cookbook, buy it! I found it randomly at The Real Canadian Superstore probably 10 years ago and it is one of my go to cookbooks. This is one of Mark's favourite chicken thigh recipes. I just cook up some green beans in the frying pan with butter and put some rice in the rice cooker and we are good to go.

Ham & Broccoli Quiche with Tomato Cucumber Salad - click here for more info about the quiche. This is a super easy salad to make and is one of the few things I can whip up without measuring anything so excuse my lack of measurements.

  • Cherry Tomatoes - halved
  • Cucumbers - chopped
  • Feta cheese - crumbled
  • Ranch Dressing
  1. Mix the first three ingredients together and add Ranch Dressing to taste.
Slow Cooker Beef Stew - I haven't made this one before but Mark was pleased when he saw it on the menu which is always encouraging. 

Bacon & Eggs with Broccoli - Okay the bacon was really for me. I made some cheesy scrambled eggs which K gobbles up and some frozen broccoli which she ate without any fuss. Broccoli must be back on her list this week.

Bow Ties with Cherry Tomatoes - This pasta dish is from Annabel Karmel's The Healthy Baby Meal Planner. You can eat it cold or warm.

Tuna Melts - Make some tuna salad, put it on an english muffin, top with mozzarella cheese and put under the broiler for a few minutes. Delish! K loves frozen squash so she'll eat that with it and I will have some baby carrots. 

Sweet Potato Waffles  - These are a snack experiment for this week. K woke up randomly asking for waffles so she may really enjoy these if I get around to making them. 

Banana Muffins - This recipe also comes from The Healthy Baby Meal Planner. There's no sugar in them which is healthy but I tend to add chocolate chips in a few for myself. 

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