Monday, 29 February 2016

Because She Needs to be Kept Busy #1

While I was still pregnant with C, one of the things on my list of "things I must do before my life gets crazy with two kids under two" was to make busy boxes to keep K occupied while I was nursing the baby. I ended up making 5 boxes to keep things fresh for K. In reality, I could have just made this first one and she would have been fine because C was super efficient at nursing and would take 20 minutes max. I've been spoiled with this baby. Most of the contents of the boxes were purchased at Dollarama, Walmart or The Real Canadian Superstore. I would definitely recommend hitting up the dollar store first because a few things I purchased at the grocery store I found cheaper at Dollarama. Oh well. Here are the contents of Busy Box #1:

  1. Plastic Cupcakes - These were found at the dollar store and K would ask to play with these over and over again. If I had a box full of cupcakes she would have been in heaven. 
  2. Mini Board Books - I bought a box of 12 of these books from Walmart and split them up between the boxes. These are Sesame Street themed but I also have Disney Movies and Paw Patrol
  3. Plastic Dinosaurs - K has started to get more interested in these now that she has been watching Dinosaur Train.
  4. Stickers & Construction Paper - These were another Dollarama find. I liked these stickers because they were easy to remove from the plastic. The construction paper is the perfect size for these boxes. K enjoys taking them on and off the paper which makes me a little crazy. 
  5. Flashcards - From the dollar store again. They are made by Fisher Price and have lots of different shapes and colours. K really likes looking at these and naming the objects.
  6. Popsicle Stick Shapes - These were made using coloured popsicle sticks and velcro dots with adhesive on them. The idea is that K would make different shapes with these but I think she is still a bit too young for that. I found the idea here

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