Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Because We Need to Eat - Feb. 15-19

Right now the baby is sleeping, the toddler has pulled every book off the bookshelf but is sitting, reading each one, and I have sufficiently tidied my house. Breathe. I know this moment won't last but I am breathing it in. 

Lask week hit our family like a mack truck. C caught some sort of bug and had a cough that could break your heart. Then the stomach flu came for me. Are moms even allowed to get sick? In the midst of trying to recover from that, K developed a fever and a cough. And despite all of that we still tried to go to church and we still went to my sister's for Family Day. After four sleepless nights I'm hoping we learned a lesson. 

Needless to say meal planning wasn't our main focus but that is life. So, instead of pretending like I have it all together every week here is our pieced together plan.

English Muffin Pizzas with Edamame
Two of my favourite things! I could eat edamame like chips. 

Italian Turkey Soup with Garlic Bread
Since I wasn't in the mood for eating we didn't get around to making this meal. Let's try again!

Again, this meal wasn't eaten last week. This time we'll have brown-sugar glazed carrots. This recipe is so easy and uses baby carrots so no chopping required!

Meat Pie with Sweet Potato Fries and Cauliflower
This is a store bought meat pie, frozen fries and cauliflower. This is a Friday meal. It will keep us from eating fast food but to be honest it will be really yummy.

Cheese and Crackers with Strawberries
Nothing fancy here.

Tuna Wraps with Squash
I like to sneak some grated carrots in the wrap. K usually finds them eventually and picks them out but it is worth a try. She loves frozen squash, though, and often asks for seconds.

Peanut Butter Toast with Cottage Cheese and Pineapple
We have a play date on this day so I will need something fast to feed her. She won't eat the cottage cheese. It's a texture thing but I will keep giving it to her.
I definitely wasn't about to tackle these snacks last week so they are on the list for this week since I still have all the ingredients. 

K really likes these and they were pretty easy to make. Considering all the frozen bananas I have in my freezer it's a good choice for Frugal February. 

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