Saturday, 6 February 2016


"Never start a sentence with "because." Is that even a real grammar rule? I'm not sure but that phrase from elementary school English is running around in my head right now. And if, by chance, it is a rule I am going to do something out of character here. I'm going to break it. Because I want to. Because I think it sounds nice. Because I want to explain why I am writing this blog. 

So, why this blog?

Because I am a writer. 

Because I am a self-proclaimed curator of ideas. 

Because sometimes I have some pretty good ideas of my own. 

Because sometimes my brain feels fuzzy and I need to use it in a different way.

Because I am part of a funny, beautiful family and I need to share that.

Because Jesus saved me and I need to share that.

So as I share my heart and my home with you I hope that you will get some ideas and inspiration because life is about sharing and I'm feeling called to share. 

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